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Monday, 9 July 2012

TdF Days 8 and 9

I finally finished spinning the white Falkland and then plied it.

The two skeins are now soaking in water ready for tomorrow's (Monday) dyeing session.

Then I started carding up batts with a selection of naturally dyed fleece.

These are the ones I chose - there are two types of fleece here, British Friesland and Merino.  The dyes I used were nettles, lichen, madder and apricot bark, and lastly I added some banana fibre.

I then split the batt lengthwise into the different colours, halved them, and spun them in turn.
The finished yarn should make stripes when it's knit.

Not a very good photograph - it had gone dark by this time.  I prefer to photograph things in natural light, the colours don't show up very well here.

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