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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 5

Today was day 5 of the Tour de Fleece.  I know I haven't posted every day, but I think if I had it would have been pretty boring reading.  Today I reached the milestone of finishing my first skein of the Falkland fleece.

I've ended up with 80g, and approximately 332 yards.  I need to spin another skein similar to this one to have enough for the shawl I want to knit.

Also today I've mordanted some merino fleece, and have some black beans and some madder root soaking in water to extract the dye.  The black beans normally give a lovely blue colour, but sometimes violet, and the madder gives a range of reds/oranges.  I want to blend some of these colours with the fleece I have dyed already, and then spin something colourful.  The Falkland has left me yearning for colour!

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