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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Buds of May

A wee posting to show you that I can knit as well as spin.  The Buds of May shawl (using the Falkland wool) is coming on a little bit slowly for various reasons, but here's a little glimpse.

It's growing a little each day as I snatch a bit of time to sit down with it, but the main thing that is slowing me down is the way the pattern is written.  It's a chart.  With lots of squares containing little symbols.  Like a crossword puzzle with squiggles instead of letters.  I think I'm chart-dyslexic.  Help!

The only way I can cope with this pattern is by sitting down with a pen and paper and "translating/transcribing" each row into written knitting instructions.  This takes a while. So far I have four A4 sheets of instructions.  These will probably get me a quarter of the way through.  On the other hand, maybe that's why it's written as a chart - imagine the size of the pattern otherwise!

Here's another photo, just to prove it's grown a bit more, which also happens to be the final line-up of spinning achieved during the Tour de Fleece.

It doesn't look an awful lot for three weeks of spinning.

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