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Friday, 13 July 2012

Still Pedalling

Yesterday was day 13 of the Tour de Fleece (it feels like it was today actually, but it is after midnight now).  On day 12 I finished the first bobbin of this :-

. . . Hey!  Come back with that, it's not for you!

Ah, that's better . . .

On Day 13 I made more batts, and started spinning the 2nd bobbin.

This one is being spun a little differently.  For the first bobbin, the batts were split lengthwise into their individual colours (more or less), then each strip was halved and the colours spun in turn.  For this bobbin, each individual colour strip will be split into 4 and then spun.  This should give a bit of variation when the two bobbins are plied together and, hopefully, add interest.

Last night I also started knitting this wool :-

into a shawl for my friend, May.  Haven't taken any photos, because there's not a lot to show yet.  I'll post a photo in a day or two when it's grown.

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