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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter at Last

OK, so today we got the real thing.  No messing about with light salt pot dustings, today we had snowballs falling out of the sky.

This was about 10 o'clock this morning, and it's continued snowing since then.

Look at the sky!  We don't often get them like this :-

A little bit later, and all my footprints had been filled in, the cat refuses to go outside, and the washing machine won't work because the water supply feeding it is frozen.  We have two log burners in full swing, so we're keeping warm inside.

So, now that we've had winter, can we have spring tomorrow please?

This afternoon has been given to spinning my mohair and silk - it's too cold to do anything else.  I'm having to wear a face mask while I'm spinning though because otherwise it gets up my nose and down my throat.  This is as far as I've got, it's taking a while.

It looks thicker here than it actually is (honestly!) but it's spinning up nicely with a lovely soft halo which doesn't show up on these photos of course.

Will it be too thick for that cardigan?  Probably a bit.  Am I giving up on it?  Not a chance, I'll adapt the pattern, and anyway, I've got a reputation to keep up :-

Christmas present from Katharine, I think it's a napkin, but I'm not sure!


  1. I so want to borrow that last photo of yours! The mohair/silk combination looks lovely and suits the wintry landscape I think :-)

  2. Help yourself - you can probably copy it! Nearly finished the first ball of mohair/silk. It's taking a lot of spinning.