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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Colour Blindness

I think I may be colour blind.  No, not my eyes, I can distinguish colours perfectly.  I think it's my memory that's colour blind.  Is that possible?  I just don't seem to be able to remember colours.  Not just shades, colours.

The first time I noticed it was quite a number of years ago when I met my friend and her daughter in the local supermarket.  The next day I spoke to her on the phone and said "that was a nice pink and white dress Ruth was wearing yesterday" . . . silence on the other end of the phone until Margaret finally said "you mean the blue and white striped one?" - ah, yes, that would be the one!  (It may have been the other way round, I still can't remember what colour it was).

I've always known I wasn't good with matching different shades unless I had a sample with me, but it's never really been a problem because Eric is really good at that sort of thing.

Then the other day it struck again (not that it hasn't many times in between, but this one seemed particularly significant).  We decided to go for a walk in the snow, and I said I'd go and get our snow boots.  Eric then asked which ones I meant, and I said the green ones that we bought about 10 years ago.  Oh, you mean the blue ones with the green lining?  Ah, yes, they would be the ones!

My memory is definitely colour blind!

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