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Thursday, 2 February 2012


It's snowing!!  OK, so maybe the photos below aren't that dramatic, but it is snow. Probably not even enough for a snowball , never mind a snowman.  But there's more due over the weekend.  And it's -4 deg C today.  Chilly!

That might look like just frost to you, but I saw it falling out of the sky - definitely snow.

Pathetic isn't it, getting excited about a vague dusting of snow at my age!

The borage picked a bad day to decide to flower :-

As for us, we're huddled in front of a log fire keeping warm (no central heating), especially as I started with a cold on Monday as we were travelling home.  Lots of hot toddies for me!! (plus the occasional sherry).


  1. Hi Terri, apparently we're getting light snow on Saturday and "real" snow on Sunday, so maybe we'll have a snowball fight after all!