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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Goodbye Ecosse

We're back!  We had a lovely 10-day holiday in Scotland and managed to catch up with all available family and a few friends as well.  What could be better.  We didn't have so much as a flake of snow, although it was pretty cold, especially as Dan's central heating died four days into our stay!  Hopefully it's been fixed now, but we did shiver a bit.

We did lots of shopping (goodies from my two favourite shops, White Stuff and Fat Face in particular), and walked nearly everywhere because we didn't hire a car and thought it would do us good to get a bit of exercise.  Quite a few meals out and lots of alcohol disappeared too.

Rogues gallery :-

The Boys
The Girls


Unfortunately, I didn't get good photos of the three individual couples, but I did get a good one of Dan and Fiona (new girlfriend).

So, that's it.  The next time we'll meet up is at Ben and Sam's wedding in Devon at the beginning of June.  Looking forward to that, but do I really have to wear a hat??

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