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Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Had a lovely walk through some woods the other day (Eric was rehearsing with his band at the drummer's house, and the forest is right next to their garden).  There's not much greenery at this time of the year as it's mostly oaks, but it was a glorious day and very pleasant in there.

Home is where your roots are!

A little mouse scurried under here as I approached, closely followed by a small lizard which had been sunning itself.

There was lots of this stuff around, and naturally I took a carrier bag with me, but I only took bits from the dead wood lying on the ground.

I got some more lichens, here's a little sample :-

Plus some bracken - I picked some new green leaves (no photo of those, they're in the dyepot), and some old, brown bracken from last year.  Apparently you can get two different colours from these.

These bracket fungi look interesting - don't know if they'll release any dye, but they'll be going into the dyepot sometime soon.

Last find was a little present for Jak :-

He loves feathers!  Unfortunately, some poor bird had come to a sticky end as there were feathers everywhere.

Last but not least, this is the merino dyed with the fungi I found in the garden, after carding :-

This is turning out just as I hoped, mainly pale apricot but with splodges of orange.  Looking forward to spinning it, but there's still a lot of fleece to card first.


  1. Beautiful colour! Want to go to the forest too now :0 everything starts growing!

  2. Go, go!! I want to see what you find and what you do with it!