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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Little Visitor

This post was supposed to be all about Sarah's sweater, which is now finished, at last. Tonight, I asked Eric to take photos of me wearing it to put on the blog.  Big mistake!! Brown is my worst colour anyway, but the photos just didn't do the sweater justice.  So then I "posed" it on one of the leather sofas, but the sofa being brown and the sweater being brown, it didn't really work.  I then draped it over the bed and took some more photos - waste of time, the light just wasn't right.  So, sorry Sarah, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow, when hopefully the sun will shine, to see photos!

In the meantime, I'm still painting in the greenhouse, and I'm not posting photos until it's finished, so there! But look who came to help today :-

This little vole was on the main steps into the old swimming pool which leads to the greenhouse.  On the left of the photo is the remains of a few acorns it had dined on.  This little mite sat there about 12 inches away from the camera and posed.  I was even able to stroke it and it didn't run away.  Anyway, I thought it looked hungry, so I shelled a few hazelnuts and almonds and delivered the goodies.  It immediately pounced on them and guzzled to its hearts content.

So, now the only problem is keeping it away from my cat .  . . I'm probably just feeding it up so Jak gets a better meal in the long run!

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