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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nightmare Night Out II

Saturday night was party night at Colette's local village hall - a fund-raiser for her art for development association.  This was a follow-on from one she ran last year which was very successful.

Why "Nightmare Night Out II"?  Well, last year one of the "guests" was an English journalist who very kindly published a report on the night afterwards.  The "English kids" were unruly and totally out of control (actually some of them were French, and the French like to include their children in anything that's going on, and they're allowed to enjoy themselves), the French were totally bemused and didn't enjoy themselves (so why did they come back this year?) or the English food (bangers and beans - actually the sausages were English), and the band were terrible - that's us (Dolly Blues) in case you didn't know.

Needless to say, she wasn't invited back this year, but we thought the title was quite apt!

Anyway, this year there was chilli con carne and a veggie chilli for non-meat eaters, plus all the accompaniments - creme fraiche, tortillas, chill sauce etc.  Colette had organised an art competition for "les infants terrible", with a medal for each child and prizes for the best pictures.  She had also organised a raffle with lots of prizes, and the awful band played until 1 a.m. (without being booed off!).  Another successful night.

Ready to rock
Lionnel, our French bass player, showing off his new jacket
The lovely Colette!
Wilco, alias "Animal"!

Dolly Blues
Now where do I put my fingers again?
A big thank you to Colette and all her helpers who worked really hard to make the night work.

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