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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Colette's Sweater

Well, I finally finished something!  Colette's sweater has now been delivered, and here she is wearing it :-

. . . sexy or what??  Wait till she changes the jeans for a pair of fishnet leggings!

You may notice two differences in the above sweater from what was originally planned.  Firstly, there's no hood.  We changed this because she wanted a slash neck and it was going to be difficult to fit a hood without it dragging the neckline out of shape.  Secondly, there's no slash neck!  The reason for this was that, when the sweater was almost finished, I tried it on and discovered that there was no way she was going to be able to wear it next to her skin - it was just a bit prickly - therefore, she'd have to wear something under it.  A slash neck would have been OK, but it does limit what you can wear underneath it. So, no slash neck and no hood either.  I think it looks pretty good on her though.

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