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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Made with Love in France . . .

Hey, I finished something else!

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to knit one of these :-

Sorry about the model, she was the only one available at the time.  Must speak to the agency!

I only realised afterwards, it looks rather odd with my plait hanging over my shoulder as well.  Too late now, the hat was delivered this evening, so can't take any more photos.

This pattern is an adaptation of one in Lexi Boeger's book Intertwined.  I love this book, every spinner should have one - amazing!  Instead of using the same wool as the hat for the plaits, I used camel wool and just ran some sparkly wool through each strand of the plaits.  The camel wool really does look like hair, and when I've worn mine people have actually thought the plaits were my own (from the front view anyway).

The hat was made of merino with a touch of silk, and some of the colours were hand dyed using plants from the garden (can't remember exactly what was used, but there was definitely some madder in there), and the sparkly wool in the plaits was Sirdar Vegas which I really love to use as an "add-in".  Think it might be a bit much on its own though.

Made with love in France . . . and a helping paw from Jak!

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