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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

. . . and there was knitting!

Finished the knitting just in time.  Tonight we had yet another band rehearsal; actually, as it was Petr's birthday, it sort of degenerated into a celebration night and we didn't rehearse at all.  Coincidentally, tonight was fish and chip night!  Once a month we get a fish and chip van, run by an English couple, visiting a local town.  It's a very nice treat once a month, and tonight was the night.

Here are the fish and chips - hungry?

Battered cod and chips with home made mushy peas (apologies to German readers, but they really are called mushy peas! - apparently mushy isn't a nice word in German).  Food is about as photogenic as I am, it never looks as good when it's photographed.  It was delicious though.

Here's the birthday boy wearing his present (handspun camel with sheep's wool stripes) :-

Sorry we didn't have enough candles Petr . . . fire regulations and all that, you know?

Perfect fit!

And after a perfect night, I'm off to bed.  Goodnight all.

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