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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Thought you might like to see how "my twins" are doing now that they've gone home.

Guzzler and Bridge(t) the Midge(t)

The one on the right was the little one we didn't think would survive.  Rob and Tammy took her to the vet when they got back from the UK and she was put on antibiotics for poly-arthritis.  I'm absolutely amazed that she has made such a complete recovery - no sign of a limp at all - and she's grown.

When she was with us, she would hobble around behind her sister, desperately wanting to play, but she just couldn't keep up.  Now she's running around the field with all the other lambs.  It's really nice to see her better!

When I went to see them, they both came straight over to us and nuzzled our fingers.  It made me feel that they remembered me, but actually they do that with everyone!!

These little lambs have different names now from the ones I gave them, but I can't remember what they are - they'll always be Guzzler and Bridge the Midge to me.  They do begin with 'B' though, as all animals born on their farm this year will begin with that letter.

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