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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Growth of a Rainbow

I'm really liking knitting this shawl, it's quite addictive when you can see another colour getting closer and closer.  I've just started the yellow, which, when finished, is about half way.  Then the warmer colours come into play which will really brighten things up.

On another note, the lambs have gone home.  I'm sure they'll be a lot happier now they're back in the flock and can play with the other lambs.  The little one, who was sick, started to perk up after a couple of days and even had a little trot around the garden with her big sister.  She seems to be a little fighter and everyone hopes she'll come through this.

Finally, the baby blanket has been on hold while I finish spinning the 4th ball of wool. Should be done by tomorrow so then I can start knitting again.

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