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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Three Down, One to Go

We just got back late Sunday night from a long weekend in Edinburgh.  Nic (Wicked Stepson No. 3) married Viktorija (Vika) on the one gloriously sunny day of the trip. Thankfully, they chose Friday 17th to get wed and not the Saturday.  Saturday it poured with rain all day.

Father of the Groom

Nic had the brilliant idea of renting a house for the 3-day weekend so we could all assemble there before and after the wedding.

The garden was lovely that day and kept the sun until evening, so warm too.

Wicked Step-Mother

A quick sandwich to calm his nerves

Sorry Nic, not the best photo!!

The ceremony took place in a register office in the centre of Edinburgh, next to St Giles' Cathedral at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Helena, Dan (W. Stepson No. 2) and Liz (boys' Mum)
Vika's Mum and Grandmother
Vika's family (her Mum, Grandmother and Brother) had come over from Latvia for the wedding - Dimitri gave Vika away and had to wear a kilt!!!!!  He was a good sport and seemed to enjoy his wedding outfit (no photos yet - need to glean some from Facebook) even to the point where Ben goaded him into removing his nether garments, because a real Scot doesn't wear any!

The deed is done!

Emerging into the sunshine and confetti.

Nic was like a dog with two tails - didn't know which to wag first!

The New Mr and Mrs Saunders

Then it was back to the house to celebrate.

The garden was the perfect place for photos and champagne on such a brilliant day.

Rona's shoes deserved a pic!!

As did the throwing of the bouquet (caught by Helena)

Vika and "The Boys"

Inside, the food awaited us.

So, many more photos to come - I'll be boring you again in a day or two.  Just need everyone to start haemorrhaging photos on Facebook so I can steal some!

LOVE this photo!

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