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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Little Cheese

Well, two weeks after making the Caerphily cheese, we caved!  The cheese had been maturing nicely in a cool, darkened room, and I was turning it daily.  Then it started to get mouldy on the outside.  No problem, I read, just wipe the mould off with a brine solution and it'll be fine.  But when it was getting mouldy every one or two days, I started to panic that it might actually be coming from the inside of the cheese and not the outside.  We really didn't want our first cheese to go off.  AND, we're going away on Thursday to Edinburgh for Wicked Stepson No. 3's wedding.  I didn't feel happy leaving it unattended while we were away.  I could just imagine us coming back to a blue, hairy inedible blob. So we ate it!  Well, not all of it, just some.

It smelled good, just like cheese in fact.

The texture was good - a little on the dryish side with some tiny bubbles, and there was no sign of any mould on the inside.

The taste was GOOD!!!  It was a slightly dry texture, but that's OK, and the taste was amazing - mild but with a tang, just like you'd expect a good Caerphily to taste.

Mission accomplished.  Now, what are we going to make next?  Maybe another Caerphily to keep us going, and then a Cheddar which has to mature for longer.

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