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Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Little Champ

Did I tell you my alpaca won a competition last year, before I got him?  I'm sure I must have done - I've told everyone else!  Well, look what I've been given :-

Impala's rosette.  He got champion fawn male.  Rob went up to visit the breeder we bought the alpacas from on Monday and the guy gave him this to give to me.  They were shearing all their alpacas and invited Rob to go watch and learn.  He also brought back two large sacks of fleece - not the main "blanket" which is the prime spinning fibre, this is from the neck and upper legs, but still very soft.  The shorter bits will probably be made into felt, but there were some very spinnable lengths in there too and lots of different colours.  Tammy and I will have to have a drum-carding session soon.

This photo amuses me - where did his body go?  Looks like I chopped his head off :-

Ah, there it is!

He's still a skinny little malink.  He's put quite a lot of growth into his legs recently though so no doubt he'll start to fill out soon.

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