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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What's on the Bobbins?

First of all, a finished batch of sock yarn :-

spun in January from these fibres :-

There's 125g here, giving 336 yards (310m) which I'm hoping will be enough to make a pair of socks for me.

And this is what's on the bobbins at the moment, some mixed fibres again from World of Wool (more floor sweepings!).  I blended the colours first on my wool combs

which made little balls of fluffy heaven all ready to spin

These really are as soft as they look
and this is how it looks spun

I can't decide whether to ply it with a strand of white (which maximises the amount of coloured wool), or ply it with itself.  I think it might look a bit "busy" plied with another bobbin the same, so maybe the white would be the best option.  I've no idea what this is going to be when it's finished - it depends on the amount I end up with.  Of course, every experienced spinner weighs the fibres before she starts, doesn't she, so she can make an intelligent guestimate of the final amount?  Yeah, right!  That's one thing I forgot to do. Every other spinner would probably have a plan of which colours to include, which order to spin them, etc.  I just grabbed the colours I liked and set off.  I like surprises!

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