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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Last Day!

Today is the last day of our holiday.  Since Dubai, we've travelled to Germany, where we stayed with Ted, our friend who lives in a little town on the shores of Lake Constance. First visit on landing in Munich

was to the Hoffbrauhaus

where the two of them had to have an over-sized glass of beer or two!

We stayed in Germany for 4 days and then got the train to Basel in Switzerland where we stayed overnight with Anna (Eric's niece) and her partner Philipp.

Anna with her Uncle Eric
The next day Anna drove us to her brother, Laurie, who lives near Bern where we had a lovely visit with him and his partner, Malika.  They took us to a restaurant part way up a mountain in the Gruyeres region

where they filled us with cheese and cream.  Eric and Laurie had a cheese fondue with both potatoes and bread, Malika had a huge bowl of macaroni cheese, and I had a cream and cheese soup which was absolutely delicious.

the coffee came with a little chocolate cup filled with cream

Then, when we were certain we couldn't eat another thing, they took us here :-

and stuffed us with chocolate.  This is the Cailler chocolate factory (now owned by Nestle) where we had a tour and then got to sample all the different chocolates they produce (whew! there were a lot!)

Thankfully, we then stopped eating and had a walk around Gruyere (Malika's home town) itself, to try and walk off some of the food.

We even visited the table where Laurie and Malika first met.

We then carried on to Eric's brother and his wife, Alan and Jane, who live half way up a mountain in the Swiss Alps.  There's lots of snow here at the moment, but Alan and Eric still found a nice sunny spot on the terrace to enjoy a tipple and cigar

until Jane arrived to sweep away the rubbish!

We've had a lovely holiday, visiting lots of fabulous places and staying with some of our favourite people, who've looked after us to the point of spoiling us.  But now it's time to go home, rescue my cat from the cattery and start getting to know my alpaca.  So I'll just leave you with some views from Jane and Alan's chalet.  Enjoy!

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