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Saturday, 16 February 2013


Finally finished my cardigan while we were away on holiday.  I particularly wanted to have it finished for when we were in Switzerland as I knew it would be pretty cold up there in the snow.

A view from the back :-

I think this is going to become my favourite cardigan as I've hardly had it off since I finished it.  The blue is merino and the coloured wool is 50% merino/50% mohair which I dyed with acid dyes, all hand-spun.  I was a bit concerned about the main colour as it's turned out to have quite a lot of orange in there, which is not really the best colour for me. Putting in the stripes of blue has toned it down quite a lot and I'm much happier with it.

Once I'd finished the knitting, I realised I needed some buttons, so off we went into Basel city to look for some.  Anna had looked on the internet and found a shop which specialised in buttons - definitely the place to visit.  Anyway, I chose some blue oval shaped ones which I quite liked, and picked out eight of them.  Then I asked how much they were and nearly fainted.  They were going to cost 32 Swiss francs (about 28 euros or 25 GB pounds) - I was absolutely flabbergasted!  That was far more than the cardigan had cost to make.  I apologised, and put them back into the display drawer and beat a hasty retreat.  I don't think the shop assistant was too pleased though; she couldn't understand the problem!  We then went to a department store and I bought the buttons for 5 Swiss francs (that was for 8) - much better!

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