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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sock Logic!

A few days ago I was pegging out the washing on the washing line in the garden when I finally got really fed up of turning Eric's socks the right side out.  He just happened to walk down the path, so I asked him why his socks were always inside out.  The reply?  "They're not all inside out, only about half of them are".  The reason is very simple (apparently).  When he takes his socks off at night, he peels them off from the top so they end up inside out.  Then if he wears them for a second day, he wears them inside out, so when he takes them off that night they then become right side out again.  And if he wears them for a third day (God forbid!), they're inside out.  You get the drift?

OK Mr Clever Clogs, answer me this then : how do you explain it when one sock is right side out and the other inside out?  What happens to your male logic then, hey?

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