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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Leftie Continues

Got to about 85% through this project about a week ago and had to stop.  Ran out of white yarn.  Luckily, Tammy had brought me her share of the white just in case I didn't have enough.  So I spun up some more.  I only needed to spin one of the plies because I had some of the other left on a bobbin.  No problem then . . . except I mixed up the bobbins with the leftover ply and plied with the wrong one.  I didn't realise until after I'd washed and dried the new wool, but it's turned out too white.  Think I must have used some Falkland instead of floor sweepings.

Oh well, back to the spinning wheel.  Actually, today's a perfect day for spinning as it's just started raining, and it's Toussaint (All Saints Day) so we have a holiday here in France and we can't work on a religious holiday, can we?


  1. I just found your blog today... My blog is book based, but I'm a knitter, learned to spin as a chorister in an opera (as you do) and did lots of dyeing when I worked on opera costumes - and one day, I would LOVE to be dong what you're doing, growing stuff and making dyes. I'm deeply fascinated - and jealous!!

    Question - what shape is this shawl, ultimately? I love the pics, although I'm not really a shawl person. Buuuut, I can see a way of maybe working a scarf - love scarfs - lengthwise with those little leaf motifs at each end...hmmmmm....

  2. Hi Kaz, nice to meet you. Welcome to my blog.

    The shawl (pattern from Ravelry) is a sort of curving wedge shape, if that makes sense. You start off at the thin end with 3 or 4 stitches and just keep increasing as you go. The nice thing about this shawl is you can stop wherever you want, cast off and call it done - large shawl or small neckerchief. Funnily enough, I was going to make this as a scarf instead, but I somehow got caught up with the pattern and carried on. The next one could well be a scarf with the leaves alternating on either side.