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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sad Day

Today was the end of an era, today was a sad day for us.  Our good old "pink bus" has left us.  We'd had our Seat Alhambra for over 11 years and it gradually faded from a deep red colour to a sort of pink, hence the "pink bus".  This car held lots of memories for us, and we had to think long and hard before selling it.  The fact that we'd only driven 500 miles in it since February (it had really become just a work vehicle for collecting building materials and ferrying tools around the garden to the current worksite) finally decided us.

This afternoon, as the new owner proudly drove it away from the house, we both felt like running after her saying "Stop!  We didn't mean it, we've changed our minds".  But we didn't.

Goodbye old friend!  A new era now begins for both of us.

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