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Monday, 2 April 2012

Tammy's First Yarn!!!!

You may remember, a short time ago I posted about our new neighbours, and the fact that Tammy wanted to learn to spin?  Well, she's been up here four times recently for lessons and today finished her first ball of yarn.  Was she proud?  Well I was!!

The yarn doesn't really show up very well here as it's a very similar colour to her top.  So here is the finished skein :-

55g and 56 yards of merino.  I don't know about you but I think this is pretty spectacular for a first attempt.

And when Rob, her partner, sees this, he's really going to do some shopping around for the sheep he wants to keep on their land.  Any suggestions?  I think he should get some merino, plus angora goats, plus a few alpaca, plus the odd angora rabbit etc. etc.!!! (Hope you're reading this Rob?)

Tammy bought some beautiful natural grey merino, plus 50g each of blue and white merino, so she spun half a bobbin of grey, and then half a bobbin of grey with blue and white alternated.  Cool huh?

She finished it about mid-afternoon, so we skeined it, washed it and hung it in the sun for a few hours until it was dry.  Then she hot-footed it down the hill to show Rob and photograph it to send to her family!  Yep, I think she was pretty proud of herself, with good reason too!

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