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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Flowers and Worms

The weather is absolutely glorious at present.  The fruit trees are all in flower and there are blossoms springing up everywhere.  Yesterday (actually, it was the day before yesterday - I started this post on the 31st, but by the time I'd finished it, it was 10 minutes past midnight on the 1st) I went for a walk in the woods again and found all sorts of things in bloom, from little wood violets to may flowers to blackthorn and celandines, plus a few others I can't remember the names of.

How pretty are these?

And back at home, the buds on the mulberry tree have started to break.  There are going to be lots of flowers this year (and, therefore, fruit!), but, more importantly, the leaves have started to sprout too.  Which means I was able to take some of my silkworm eggs out of the fridge today.

I took just over 100 out, which leaves maybe 150-200 eggs still in the fridge.  So if I manage to kill them all off, it's not the end of the world.

I put these into a clear plastic box and then put that into a cardboard shoe box.  They've moved around a fair bit today - they started off in a shady spot in the greenhouse, but when that got too hot I brought them back to the patio table which is nice and shaded in the afternoon.  Then this evening they've gone into our bathroom on top of the water heater.  Fingers crossed that they all hatch . . . maybe I should put them in our mail box . . . that's where they hatched last year!


  1. My silk worms started hatching 2 weeks ago, a bit earlier than usual. A freeze killed most of my mulberry leaves but I have found a few trees, enough to keep a few hundred silk worms thriving. I hope yours do well this year.


  2. Oh, what a disaster! Hope your mulberries recover. Mine haven't hatched yet, but I'm hoping they will soon as I only have until the beginning of June to get them all coccooned. After that we go away for 2 weeks for a family wedding. It's easy to ask the neighbours to water the garden while we're away, but look after silkworms? Dodgy! They have offered though.