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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mousie Mousie

Finally got around to making Jak's mouse :-

He's made with camel wool, knitted and then felted.  I stuffed him with slightly smelly sheep's fleece, which Jak seems to like to suck (yeuch!).

It was a tense moment when I gave it to him.  He looked, twice, sniffed, turned away and went to his food bowl.  After he'd finished eating, he came back and actually played with it for about 10 minutes.  He loved it!!  Success.  He even cuddles up with it to go to sleep - after giving the tail a good old chewing (still in one piece though!)

It worked so well, I decided to make some for a friend (not a cat!, but a cat person), but filled them with clean fleece and lavender.  I thought she could put them in her undies drawer, hang them in the wardrobe, or slip one inside her pillowcase to help her sleep.

Monday was Katharine's 50th birthday so I decided to give them to her then.  She did not have a good day.

Poor soul not only had to go to hospital because of an ear problem, but also her car broke down on the way back.  She waited two hours for the breakdown truck to take the car to a garage, then got a taxi home (quite a distance).  She finally arrived at her party (at a local restaurant) over an hour and a half late.  In the meantime, the guests (us included) partook of aperitifs and the local wine.  Thankfully, she soon caught up with us - must have been the champagne!

One very blurred photo of Katharine opening her presents :

Too much champagne obviously!

Happy birthday Katharine.


  1. I love your mice! Adorable.
    I've always had a desire to spin, but knitting has taken up much of my free time. You are talented.

  2. Thank you Margaret, the mice were very simple to make and only took about half an hour each to knit. Interesting that we're both married to "born-again rock musicians" - or do I mean re-cycled? Never a quiet moment in our house!