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Sunday, 22 January 2012


Well, here we are in sunny (?) Aberdeen and I didn't even tell you we were leaving.  We're spending 10 days with Dan (wicked stepson no. 2) in the frozen north to check out his new house, spend a little time with numbers 3 and 4 (no. 1 is back in Dubai flying big airplanes), see friends (the ones who want to come and see us anyway - we didn't hire a car this time) and indulge in a little retail therapy.

The weather is actually not too bad this trip - no snow at any rate - and we've even had the sun put in an appearance once or twice.  If only it weren't for the lazy wind (I'd forgotten about the lazy wind) - so lazy it can't be bothered going round you, so it just goes right through you.

Not sure if I can post any photos from here - my computer doesn't have anywhere to plug in my SD card and the external SD reader we bought doesn't seem to be compatible.  At home I use another computer to transfer the photos onto a memory stick which I can then plug into this one, sounds a bit long-winded, but it works.

However, I can show you our progress (well, Eric's really as he's done most of it) on my greenhouse.  It's now complete and ready for tidying up in time for spring sowing and planting.

Ok, so it's not pretty - I didn't say it was pretty.  It still needs cleaning, the walls need rendering and painting, but it's in one piece, blocking out the weather.

Note the stepping-stone path which leads into it!  That half will eventually have a roof on it too, so water won't be able to accumulate.

Again, there's a lot of clearing up, cleaning, rendering and painting to do inside.

There's now a door in that hole!

So we're looking forward (!) to getting stuck into that little lot when we get home.  Already we can feel the potential when we go in there as it's certainly warmer than outside, and so far the temperature hasn't dropped below 2.2 deg C during the night, even when we've had hard frosts.  Can't wait to actually get growing in there!

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