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Friday, 6 January 2012

Lichen Liken!

Here are the results of the lichen dyeing experiment.  I was rather pleased with these colours, but actually, the one I thought was going to give the most intense colour turned out the lightest.  I really like the darker one.

Perhaps not the best surface to photograph them on, but it was dark outside!

I carded a bit of the darker one and if anything it looks even darker.

I then showed it to Eric and asked him what colour he thought it was (when put under a light I was thinking maybe apricot, and when put on the table away from the light, maybe unripe pomegranate).  He looked intently, thought for a while, said it reminded him of something, just a minute, then thought for a loooong while, then said, yes, shitty butterscotch mousse!!

So that put me in my place, didn't it?

"Shitty Butterscotch Mousse"

Not a good photographic representation - I'll take another photo during the day (don't think it'll change the name though!)

P.S.  Apologies to American readers, the title rhymes in English, but not in American.


  1. That's just beautiful! Mine look like that too. And thank you for putting me on your bloglist. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I had to laugh at Eric's comment but agree with Eveline - it's a beautiful shade, a nice muted gold perhaps - much nicer than you'd get using synthetic dye at any rate!

  3. Hi Eveline/K&K,
    Thanks for your comments, I was actually very pleased with the colours and have now got "the bug" - I want to do more natural dyeing. But first I've got a whole heap of hand carding to do. New post arriving soon with explanation.