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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hexapuffs Galore!

Ever heard of the Beekeepers Quilt?  I've been looking at this for months thinking, no, I'm not going to be tempted with this.  It's far too big a project, if I ever finish it it'll take me years to do.  So, I'm, definitely, NOT, going, to, do, this!!

Well, I finally succumbed.  I think I was just so fascinated to learn how to make the little individual hexapuffs that in the end I just had to give in and buy the pattern.  Weak, that's me!

That was two days ago, and this is as far as I've got :-

Cute little knitted hexagonal pillows.  So, not exactly hexapuffs galore, but I've made a start.  The nice thing is, they use up your leftover wool.  These are done in sock yarn, but I think any 4-ply thickness wool would be good, and I'm planning to use some of my leftover hand-spun too.  They're normally stuffed with polyester filling (and a sprinkle of lavender if you like), but I didn't have any.  Not having any idea where I could buy this locally, and not wanting to wait for an order to be sent to me, I decided to wash some sheep's fleece (which was a bit too scratchy to wear next to the skin anyway) and use that instead.  So far, so good.

They are interesting to do as well - they're actually knit in the round on three double pointed needles, so there's no sewing up afterwards (I hate sewing up), and then they're just tied together at the corners, so no sewing up there either!  Very clever.

. . . and Jak likes them too.  During the night he pinched one out of the basket to play with.  Note to self : knit mouse for Jak for Christmas and stuff it with sheep's wool - he loves that.


  1. If you want polyester filling you can buy a big bag of it in Centrekor in Fleurance for 5,99. Keep hexapuffing! Loraine x

  2. Hee hee, thanks Loraine - did you have a good Christmas?