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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Day Fun

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, with lots of good food and friends.

We were invited to Rowena and David's house for the 25th.

They had gone to immense trouble to make our Christmas Day unforgettable.  The first thing that hit us as we walked into the kitchen was the table

It was a riotous mix of colourful, sparkly Christmassy goodies

There were reindeer place markers, unreal cakes, Christmas crackers, reindeer napkins, chocolate tree treats, and a Santa hat for each person.  A tremendous amount of planning had gone into that table (and the sparkly bits got everywhere!), it must have taken ages to arrange.

And then there was the food . . .

The turkey was artfully carved by the chef's assistant,

The vegetables played a leading role,

and the fussy, finicky vegetarian (moi, if you hadn't already guessed) had been catered for with a delicious parsnip and hazelnut roulade - half of which I was allowed to bring home for another day.  Yaaay, doggy bags too!!

The guests



Rowena and Me

had a wonderful time

Me and David

pulling crackers and telling jokes

and recording the event for posterity.

After all that food, a walk was most definitely needed

Ministry of Silly Walks photo!
View of the Chateau
but not too far, just to the cross at the end of the road

and back home again just as the sun went down

for a little musical interlude before bedtime

Thank you Rowena and David for making our Christmas so special!


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time with some fabulous photos to remember the occasion by. I particularly love the first photo and the one in silhouette - great fun!

  2. Thank you, yes we had a great time. Hope you're Christmas was as good.