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Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday's Feast!

Recently, I've been looking at this website (you can also visit by clicking on The Italian Dish in my blog list on the sidebar.  It's a really special website if you're interested in Italian cooking, or any cooking for that matter.

Anyway, it reminded me just how easy it is to make your own fresh pasta.  It's quite a long time since I made any, I don't know why, but she inspired me to make some for our lunch today.

Her recipe is very simple, just one egg to three quarters of a cup of flour, but because I used a bit more flour (one full cup), I added a bit of olive oil as well.

You just mix the flour into the egg with a fork until it comes together, then knead it into a ball which is placed in the fridge for 20 minutes or so (a good time to make the sauce!)

Then you just cut it into sections and put each one through the rollers of a pasta maker (mine's an Imperia bought for me by a friend - he bought me a motor for it too, so it's very easy to make by myself, two hands instead of three)

until it's thin enough to feed into one of the two cutters.  I used the spaghetti sized one today, except that it's square-sectioned rather than round.  I'm sure the Italians have a name for this pasta but, not knowing what it is, I'll just call it spaghetti.


If you don't have a pasta maker, it is possible to make it using a rolling pin, but it's difficult (though not impossible) to get it really thin as the dough is quite elastic and springs back.  It can then be cut with a knife.

At this point, the water was boiling, and it just takes two minutes to cook - brilliant.

I would have posted a photo of the dish on the table, but my camera ran out of battery at that point - next time maybe.

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