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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Misty Autumn Morning

I love autumn, after the heat of the summer it's so nice to have a little bit of coolth(?) but nice blue sky days.  The other day we woke to thick mists all around us, but I could see blue sky overhead and, sure enough, once the sun had burned the mist away, we had a glorious day.  But the magic in walking around the garden early on has to be the feeling of being the only one on the planet - the village across the valley had disappeared and I could only see a few yards into the fields surrounding us.

The dead weeds were wearing their best lace shawls

Perfect cobwebs, normally invisible, were everywhere

but the spiders had legged it - they were nowhere in sight.

This looks as though I should be able to spin it . . . spider silk!  More than enough around the garden to make a pair of lace gloves.


  1. Those spiders are inspiring.

  2. Yes, but wait until I show you what I found in the garden this morning!