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Friday, 28 October 2011

*@^**@! HACKERS !!!

Just spent a very tense 24 hours after my gmail account was hacked and stolen.  This meant I couldn't access my blog as well.

Loads of people on my address list received a message, in extremely bad English, saying Eric and I had gone off on an impromptu holiday to Mali and had been attacked and robbed of all our money.  Eric had been knifed in the stomach and doctors refused to treat him because we had no money to pay.  They were asked to send £2,000 immediately so we could get treatment for him and then return home.

I actually found this very distressing even though I knew it wasn't true.  If they'd just said we'd been robbed and could they send some money, I could have coped with that better I think.  But to come up with a story like that absolutely disgusted me.  Needless to say, everyone (I hope) who received a message realised it was not us who had sent it - I'd like to think my English is a bit better than they could come up with - but still very disturbing.  There's always an element of doubt in these things isn't there?

Anyway, I'm back, and very glad to be too!  Apologies to everyone who received the e-mail, and please send your cheques to . . . (only kidding!)


  1. A curse on these people. If it's any consolation it was very obvious that this was spam and I deleted it without a second's thought. Try and put it behind you and get back to business as usual with the blog - don't let the scammers grind you down.

  2. Thanks Sheila, that's exactly what I intend to do - it was very dirty the way they did it though.

  3. How awful! Glad you well and back online.

  4. Thanks Terri, that's the last time we go to Mali!!! As if!