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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Surprise! er, Surprise again!!!

This morning we received a surprise phone call from Wicked Stepson No. 4 who is at present in New Zealand (correction : they've just left and gone to Australia) with his girlfriend Rona.  He's been there for nearly a year working as a vet.  Sunday night he took her for a walk on the beach and proposed!! She's now wearing a very, very sparkly rock on the third finger of her left hand!  Well done Matthew and Rona.  Can't wait to see you both.

And you'll never guess what happened 5 minutes ago . . . Wicked Stepson No. 3, Nic, who is on holiday in New York with his girlfriend Vika, phoned up with some good news . . .

Apparently, it wasn't planned between them, and they both sprung the surprise on their unsuspecting partners a day apart.  Nic now has a few more grey hairs as he proposed to Vika in a park next to the Brooklyn Bridge, and she said no!!  (She doesn't like surprises).  Luckily, she said yes later on when he asked her again!

So, congratulations to all four of you.  Now, how about a double wedding? That way we only have to buy one outfit.  In fact, can we persuade Wicked Stepson No. 1 (Ben) and his girlfriend Sam to make it a triple??

Just off to open the champagne!!

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