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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Free Chunky Wool

A few weeks ago I was given a kilo of brown chunky wool.  It's very old and came from a house clearance.  I thought at first it had been hand spun, but now think it's just a bit too even for that.  What is unusual is that it still has quite a lot of dried vegetable matter, and it's not something you see in factory spun wool nowadays.

Anyway, brown is definitely not my colour, and Eric wasn't really needing a new sweater, so Colette (from the Dolly Blues band) asked if I would make her something.  She wanted a sweater with a hood, but I've never done a hood before, so we settled on just a sweater with a slash neck.  Since then, it's progressed to a sweater dress and yes, you've guessed it, the hood has reappeared!  Not just any hood either, she wants a detatchable one.  Anyone know how to knit a hood?

This is as far as I've got so far, just another inch or two to armhole level.

The bottom is plain stocking stitch, but she wanted the top half in moss stitch.  By next Tuesday I'm hoping to have both sleeves started so we can work out where to start the moss stitch so it matches.  It's actually knitting up very quickly so should be able to manage that.


  1. This jumper looks great! I like the moss stitch section. Very subtle but effective! Good luck with the hood... I haven't got any advice to offer unfortunately but I'm sure you'll figure it out! :)

  2. Ha, ha, you have such faith in me!!