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Friday, 23 September 2011

Cotton Buds

A very quick update - I have two flower buds on my cotton plants which look almost ready to open.  I think they'll flower within the week.

Apparently the flowers only last two days, so I'll be watching closely to make sure I don't miss them.

I don't know how long it takes after the flower has dropped for the seed pod to form, but I really don't think there's enough summer left to ripen them. Anyway, we'll see - the weather for the next week is still good, and hot, but it is starting to cool down at night.  It would be a shame to get this far and not get even a teensy bit of fluff!

P.S.  Five minutes after publishing this post, I went to check on the buds again, et voila :-

This is the bud I photographed this morning.  It's a beautiful cream colour (but no scent).  And the second one isn't far behind it :-

Aren't they gorgeous?  Fingers crossed that we now get enough good, warm weather to allow them to form seed pods.  It's still 33 deg. C today, but that can change quickly if any bad weather does come this way.

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