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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Airport Adventures

Today we went to Toulouse airport to meet our friend Ted who lives in Southern Germany.  We've been friends for years and really look on him as one of the family.  Unfortunately, his plane was delayed for an hour, so we decided to have a drive around and come back later.

On our little tour of the area, we were approaching a roundabout when, suddenly, we both ducked and nearly crashed off the road as a great big monster crossed right over our heads, literally!  Ah, we thought, this is a good place to stop and wait for Ted's plane to arrive.  We were right in line with the runway, so could see each flight as it arrived.

We saw, and photographed, two aeroplanes coming in to land, then this arrived :-

It doesn't actually look that big, but it passed right over our heads, and, believe me, it was huge!  This is the Airbus A380, and when it passes over, you know about it!

For a little contrast, this is Ted's flight, a Lufthansa A321, and it looked like a light aircraft after the big boy :-

The Airbus was a bit further away from us, but you can see the difference.

Anyway, welcome home Ted, nice to see you!

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