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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Meet the Animals

Here are the photos I took at La Maison des Chameaux at the weekend.  I still don't know which camel is which, but will put names on if I know them.

This one's definitely Alice because she's the only one who wears a harness :-

The rest of the ladies :-

Actually, I don't know if I got each individual camel - someone may have had two photos taken.  There was one who insisted on following me around and posing!

This is Brewster Bob, the alpaca, who simply refused to pose or look at me :-

And Talullah (llama) is just about visible at the other side of the field, in the sunshine :-
She wasn't having anything to do with me!

This is one of the Ouessant sheep.  They only grow to about 50cm in height - think they're called Ushant in the UK.

Then there are the goats and pigs (these are a cross of Chinese and Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, one of which is very cruelly named "Lardon" - except I know for a fact that it's not going to be eaten!)

And finally this magnificent chap wanders around all day wherever he pleases, keeping his harem in order :-

Wish he'd have let me get closer because he really is gorgeous.  Every time I inched a bit nearer, he turned his back on me!!

There were rabbits wandering around, geese (scary!), ducks, hens and, coming soon, silk worms!!  Well worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

Well, don't think I'll make photographer of the year - but maybe I should blame the camera!  And, everyone knows you should never work with children and animals!!

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