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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Encores vacances!

Woooo hooooo!!!  It's raining cats and dogs.  Brilliant - can't remember when it last rained properly.  My water butts were nearly empty and the grass was getting very crispy underfoot.  The downside is, we're off on holiday again tomorrow in the campervan.  We're going over to the Camargue to meet up with Ted, our English friend from Germany and Gerda, his lady friend.  They are staying over there at the moment in their caravan . . . so let's hope it's not raining there!

My sister phoned this morning to say her birthday present finally arrived today.  I was getting a bit worried that it had disappeared on the way - it shouldn't have taken 8 days to get there.  Anyway, I can now post photos of what I made for her:-

For her birthday, the people at work bought her an Amazon Kindle.  Great, I thought, I'll make her a little shoulder bag to keep it in . . . then she bought a leather case for it.

So, I adapted the pattern slightly by putting in side gussets, and made it to fit the Kindle in it's cover, which was probably a good idea as it can now be used as a little handbag as well.

I've got another birthday coming up, so decided to make another one.  It's not quite finished yet, but I'll take it with me on holiday and finish it there.  First I mixed 4 greens on my drum carder . . .

Then I laid out 3 layers ready for felting, and added some swirls of other colours:-

And these are the finished pieces :-

I then cut out the shapes and stitched them together

I still need to make the button and buttonhole, and blanket stitch around the edges, then sew on the handle.


  1. Wonderful! I've yet to have a go at felting, but seeing these makes me want to!

  2. Thank you - I just need a bit of time to make one for myself now! It really was a lot easier than I thought it would be too.