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Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Studio

At long last, after living in this house for over 12 years, I finally have my own workroom/studio.  Up until now I've had to squeeze everything into a small cupboard that would normally just be big enough for maybe the vacuum cleaner, ironing board and associated bits and pieces,  Needless to say, my fleece and wool, etc. spilled out into almost every room in the house, and whenever I needed something that I knew was in that cupboard it was a nightmare to try and find it.  Well no more!

The beam you can see running across the room is actually not as low as it looks, I can just scrape underneath it without hitting my head - hubby at 6 foot 3 inches has a bit of a problem though!  The space at the back is a little attic which I can use for storing bags of fleece and things I don't use very often.

We put in a sofa bed because this room may occasionally be used for guests if the spare room is already occupied.  It's also very handy for just sitting and admiring the view . . .

and has it's own balcony which is very handy for loading spinning wheels and boxes without having to carry them through the house and up a flight of rather steep stairs (the balcony isn't very high and I can reach up from ground-level).

A view from the outside :-

We will eventually re-install the handrail at the front of the balcony (don't want guests falling off!), but I think we'll leave that until I've moved everything up.

Furniture and bits and pieces are gradually moving up there, including this cabinet we managed to acquire for just 70 euros.  In fact, this is only half of what we bought for that price; the rest is in our dining room - bargain!

And this one has just been moved up from our living/sitting area (I think it looks much better up here!).

I still have a lot of sorting out to do before I can say this is finished, and I may have to buy more cupboards, but it is usable now, and is a very pleasant space as it gets the sun for most of the day.

I'm looking forward to many happy hours pottering about in my new room . . . when I get time, of course, which is the next problem!


  1. I have studio envy :) Great space and lovely view!

    1. Yes, I've always loved this room, but until recently it wasn't fit for use! Needed a new floor and general overhaul. Think I may need some more storage in here though!