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Friday, 15 January 2016

Faerie Cashmere

This spin included something I've never spun before - 100g cashmere from Hilltop Cloud.  I've had it for months, but was waiting for that special occasion to spin it.  One of those "down" days when I needed a treat!  Not sure if I spun it on a down day, but I obviously thought I'd waited long enough.  Especially when this came out of the cupboard, and I decided it would be the perfect 2nd ply :-

I bought this plait at Le Lot et La Laine in the summer from Faerie Fiber (Toulouse).  It's the first plait of fibre I've ever bought, mainly because they quite often seemed a bit compacted and I worried they might not be too good to spin.  Not so with this one - it was gorgeously soft and very easy to spin.  I loved the colours as soon as I saw it, and when it was still on the stall towards the end of the afternoon, I had to have it.  Unfortunately, having turned my new spinning room cupboards upside down, I can't find the label that came with it which said what the fibres were.  I know I won't have thrown it away - maybe it's still lurking in the old cupboard which still hasn't been emptied.

Because this was a real treat to spin it had to have a worthy partner for the other ply.  Out came the cashmere I'd been saving for that rainy day.  Another brilliant spin, and it contained some of the same colours.  I failed miserably (again) at getting a photo of the raw fibre, but the spun single is on the left with the Faerie Fiber on the right.

The finished yarn (as usual the sparkly bits don't show up on the photo) = 175g and 387 yards/357m - probably enough for a shawl (you can never have too many shawls!)

So now to trawl through patterns on Ravelry to find the perfect one.

P.S.  I finally found the label for the FaerieFiber plait - it was "Extasy" made up of 58.5% Merino,  25% Tussah Silk, 12.5% Bamboo and 4% Stellina.


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    1. I agree - just wish it were me who'd been clever enough to dye them!

  2. Gorgeous yarn! I don't get to spin very often but this is making me want to get the wheel out right now :)

    1. Thanks Deborah, I was playing around with it last night trying to decide what to make. I really like the Shaelyn shawl on Ravelry but may need to make a few adjustments size-wise. This yarn turned out to be 13 wraps per inch which puts it between fingering and sport weight. Not clever enough yet to design my own knitting pattern!

    2. P.S. Your comment came up twice for some reason, so I deleted one for you!

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