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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Swap You Too!

My new camera has arrived!!!  So now, at last, I can show you properly what my swap partner (Karen, from Denmark) sent to me in our recent Ravelry swap.

First, a lovely postcard :-

with a set of four stitch-markers.  I really needed some of these as I only have cheap plastic ones that break very easily.

This is what made the whole package smell so delicious :-

There were fluffylicious mohair locks (hand-dyed by Karen)

Close up of mohair locks

And some gorgeous bunny fluff in blue :-

and pink :-

also hand-dyed by Karen.

These didn't last long - by the time the camera arrived the chocs had all somehow been devoured.

Then there were earrings - I love earrings!!!

And finally, a mystery package not to be opened until 4th July, which is the first day of the Tour de Fleece :-

I did have a peek inside the blue bag, but haven't opened the two packages that were inside.  Only 8 days to go before I can open them!!

So I think I was thoroughly spoiled by my swap partner - what do you think?


  1. The things in your swap look lovely, I bet that was a really exciting parcel to open. I haven't joined in with a swap yet but I am feeling tempted having seen your pictures. I'm researching cameras at the moment so would be very interested if you felt able to take a minute to let me know which you have gone for and why?

    1. Yes, it was exciting when it arrived. At first I was pretty confused about what to send her, but the more I read about her, the easier it got!

      As for the camera, I chose a Canon Powershot G16, partly because my last camera was a Canon (Canon Ixus 130) and I was very pleased with the photos it took (until I managed to knock it on the floor!) and more so because I wanted a camera which could take better close-up shots. We searched on the internet and found a list of cameras which could take photos from 1 cm distance and this came out top. It really looked like just what I wanted, and hopefully is. I'm still using it on automatic at the moment until I learn a bit more about it, but so far I've managed to take some pretty good close-ups.

      I particularly wanted this aspect because of my spinning, taking detail shots etc. I took some pretty good (well, I think so anyway!) photos today of a butterfly on our lavender, and some more shots around the garden. I'll post them tomorrow - see what you think.