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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

St Distaff's Day Celebrations

I'm sure you remembered that today was St. Distaff's Day - ignore your French calendar which tells which saint is celebrated today . . . whoever heard of St Raymond?  (Apologies to all the Raymonds reading this).

Tammy (my next door neighbour) and I did our best and gave our spinning wheels some exercise this afternoon.

I was spinning some of my Maco Merinos fleece which has to magically transform into a baby blanket before the end of January (some hope!!) and Tammy was spinning for a woven bag she's making.

artistic shot of Tammy through my spinning wheel

Then Jak decided to get in on the act! (There's no show without punch!)

She won't do it right unless I watch very carefully!

So, that's it until next year.  Thankfully, there were no traditional pranks such as setting fire to our wool or flax, so I think we escaped pretty lightly!

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