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Monday, 27 January 2014

Baby Blanket's Growing

Not a good photo because it was taken under artificial light (it's raining cats and dogs outside), but the blanket has moved on a bit.  Almost halfway there now.  The baby was actually due two days ago, but Rona seems to be doing a good job of keeping her legs crossed.  There's no way this is going to be finished and in the post by the time baby arrives, but hopefully it won't be too long afterwards.

In the meantime, I've run out of wool again and am in the middle of spinning the 3rd ball. With a bit of luck I'll only need four!

Speaking of rain, my greenhouse is doing its best to turn itself back into a swimming pool:-

By tomorrow, I'll have to wear Eric's waders - my wellies just aren't high enough any more!  Luckily, we raised all the plants onto blocks above the expected final water line so they should keep dry.

My plant scientist friend suggested I should grow rice in there!  I don't think he's far wrong, do you?

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