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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Just a few bits of spinning finished recently.

This was spun from the last of the naturally-dyed Falkland rolags that I made for the Tour de Fleece,  One ply was purple (dyed with logwood), and the other ply was a mix of all the other colours.

This one is Falkland and silk.  This photo was taken before I washed it.  The Falkland had previously been dyed in an old walnut hull dye, but when I washed it, the colour disappeared!  It's now waiting to be re-dyed with something else.

The final skein was spun from a bag of free samples I was given in the summer at the festival Le Lot et La Laine.  The pink mix was, I think, merino, angora and mohair, and the white was pure, gorgeous, angora bunny - sheer luxury.

This shows how it was spinning up on the bobbin,

and this is the bobbin of merino that I planned to ply it with.  The pinky-coloured mix contained the same colour turquoise as this.

The final skein, and of course a sexy close-up :-


  1. That final skein must be so fluffy!

  2. Not yet, but I'm hoping it will become fluffier with use. Got to love angora!