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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Just off the Bobbins

Some of my neighbours and I are planning to do a one-off sale at our local village Christmas market this year.  We all make things, from hand-spun to jewellery to cards and baby clothes, felted items etc. (ooh, not forgetting Rob's hand-turned wooden items!) and just wanted to make a little money back for buying new materials.  The market is 1st December so we don't have much time.

I've been looking through my stash of hand-spun yarns and have separated out some that I think might sell.

I've also been picking out different fibres for hand spinning.  I made some rolags (don't ask me what fibres these are as most of them are from a mixed World of Wool bag, although I did add some Merino and Falkland plus a little bit of sparkle)

Sexy detail shot
This is how it looked spun up :-

and finally, off the bobbin and finished :-

The upper skein is 65g and the lower one 100g, 452 yds/417m total of double knitting thickness.

A detail shot, as usual :-

This is what it looks like knitted :-

So, the clock is ticking pretty fast.  I aim to spin (or knit) a little every day - the table is booked, we have to fill it!


  1. Exciting! I like the mix of colors in that skein.

  2. Thank you. I particularly like the way the different textures show off the colours too.