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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumn Break

After all the visitors had departed, mid-September, we decided we needed a little break and took ourselves off to the Costa Brava in northern Spain for 4 nights.  The weather was amazing and the countryside beautiful.  We'd taken our little motorbike on the back of the campervan so we could get around more easily and explore.

Sea and Rocks

We stayed in a really nice campsite within walking distance of the promenade at the seaside resort of Roses where we enjoyed some excellent meals out for very little money.

One of the places we visited was a lovely little town called Cadaques which was about half an hour's drive from where we were staying.  Salvador Dali's house is not far from here, but it wasn't possible to visit unless you'd phoned and pre-booked, so we'll have to save that one until next time.

A Cadaques cat :-

A lot of the houses and shops there were built into the rocks.  I was quite surprised when I went to the toilet in a cafe to find the back wall was a sheer piece of rock with water running down it.  They'd put in a gutter to take the water away.

Sangria was always on the menu!

Another day we visited Figueres mainly so we could go to the Dali Museum, especially as we hadn't been able to go to his house near Cadaques.

I didn't realise until we got home just how few photos I took here.  It was allowed to take photographs so long as you didn't use a flash.  This museum is well worth visiting if you're ever in the area.  It was on three floors and kept us occupied for about as many hours.

The ticket price included a visit to a separate building which contained Dali's Jewels, but unfortunately we ran out of time and didn't manage to go there.

So, if you were wondering where I'd got to for the last couple of weeks, this does explain a little bit.  However, I have been progressing with other projects and I'll show you some of those next time.

P.S.  The title "Autumn Break" is a bit misleading at the moment as we've been having summer weather ever since we got back.  The last two days have been 36 deg C in the shade - not bad for autumn!

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