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Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Spinning and Knitting

Despite having wall-to-wall visitors this month, I have managed to do a little bit of knitting and spinning.  In fact, the first project (knitting) was finished on 12th August and it's taken me this long to sew in the ends, wash and block it.

This is the wool I was using :-

100% baby alpaca dyed with purple iris flowers earlier in the year.  It's lovely to knit with and I chose a pattern which knit up quite quickly into this shawl :-

This was one of the patterns I won during the Tour de Fleece.  I've still got two balls of this yarn left and think I'll do another one as a gift, not sure who it will be for, but I'm sure it will be in someone's Christmas package.  One of the remaining balls is a slightly different shade as it was dyed in a different batch from the other three, so I may do the ruched bits using one ball and the stocking stitch bits using the other.

The second project I've finished is spinning up some of the pre-prepared, pre-dyed fleece I bought at the Lot et La Laine festival in July.  I've been dying to do some of these but had other projects to finish first.  These are the two batts I chose for the first skein :-

This one was 93g of merino part dyed in a beautiful turquoise colour from LAMAdeLAINE. It wanted to be spun quite finely and gave me a nicely full bobbin.  This one just seemed to complement it nicely:-

This is a mix of mohair/silk/Leicester and angora from Spin Span Spun and was lovely to spin.  There were whole locks of fleece in there (you can see one in the middle left of the photo - a nice curly bit) so I decided to just let the fleece dictate how it wanted to be spun, lumps and all!

I then plied the two strands together which gave me approximately 100g of 11 wpi (double knitting), 261 yards/240m.  Not sure what this is destined to be, but I love the colours.  I'll have to start searching the patterns on Ravelry.

I still have half a bobbin of the white/turquoise merino and plan to combine it with some of the other fleece I bought at the festival.  More pretties to come!

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